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We are Dynamic Industries

Established in the year 1985, Dynamic Industries is an automotive trim components manufacturer for Maruti Suzuki India Limited; supplying components such as Sunvisor, Headlining, Rear Shelf, Door Moulding Trim, Thermoformed products. In 1999, we ventured into supplying components to white good OEM’s like LG Electronics; components used in the manufacturing of Refrigerators, T.V.’s, Air Conditioners and Evaporative Air Coolers.

Over the years, under the guidance of our mentor Mr Rahul Kacker, we have recorded positive growth. Furthermore, to assist him we have an experienced workforce that enables us to successfully fabricate a customer-specific range. Also, the effective use of modern manufacturing techniques and state of the are manufacturing facilities ensures that our products meet the end requirements of our clients from all over the world. Today, our transparent and ethical business practices are reflected in our products, which are durable and provide efficient performance to the end consumer.

Company History

Elegance through excellence  of our products, by following systems  leading to customer satisfaction.

Corporate Prolfile

We at Dynamic Industries provide Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance components with manufacturing solutions. We help our partners design, develop, manufacture components or complete products. We are well established in the field of Injection Moulding and Contract Manufacturing for more than 30 years and strive to design, develop and manufacture world-class products for our partners from all over the world.

Corporate Philosophy


Our Founder

Our Founders
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Mr Rahul Kacker

Founded the company in 1985, Mr Rahul Kacker was a first-generation entrepreneur who set up a manufacturing unit for the production of high-quality automotive interiors for Maruti Suzuki. He was a visionary and made the company a prominent player in the automotive industry by increasing the companies product portfolio by bringing new technologies from across the globe to help Automotive OEM’s localise and reduce cost. Under his guidance, the company started manufacturing for Ashok Leyland, Honda Cars India and Honda Motors (Japan). The organisation also started a new division of manufacturing home appliances for global and domestic OEM’s. Mr Kacker defined the company’s ethics, vision and long term objectives that have placed the organisation on the path of success across all its divisions while ensuring that the company policies always promote innovation, quality and customer satisfaction of the highest global standards. 


Mr Kacker was a mechanical engineer by profession who worked in Telco and Maruti Suzuki before founding Dynamic Industries. He guided the industry and the state government through his presidential role in Gurgaon Chamber of Commerce which helped various industries become more efficient and reduce compliance hurdles over his years as president. 

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Rohan Kacker

Rohan Kacker is our Managing Partner and heads the operational and development department of our group. Rohan has an overall strategic and operational responsibility, from setting the vision, creating and implementing strategy, to driving growth for the group. He has over 12 years of experience in business development and operations and has been instrumental in the company's new product division growth over the last decade. 


Rohan has earlier worked with the countries market leaders; LG Electronics and Maruti Suzuki for developing new products for mass manufacturing at their units in Greater Noida and Gurgaon. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal Institute of technology and has taken part in numerous workshops to equip himself with the latest development and management techniques being used by the worlds best manufacturing companies.

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Ishan Kacker

Ishan Kacker is our Managing Partner and heads the sourcing, supply chain and compliance management of our group. Ishan holds the overall strategic sourcing and supply chain responsibility, including setting the vision, creating and implementing strategy, and driving growth for our group. He has over 10 years of experience in business development and operations and has been instrumental in creating a global supply chain and a robust vendor base for our new product divisions over the last decade. 


Ishan has been working with Honda Motors and Jmatek for developing new products for mass manufacturing at our units in Gurgaon. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and continues to train himself through various courses to improve the processes and systems in the company.

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Sumita Kacker

Sumita Kacker is our Managing Director and co-founder of the company. She is instrumental in strategising the company vision and its compliance objectives that drive sustainable growth for the company. She has over 32 years of experience in admin and information systems. She has been instrumental in implementing the strategy for management information systems across the company.


Mrs Kacker is the company’s guiding light in integrating employee satisfaction and the organisations' culture while maintaining the managerial goals across all levels of the company. 

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Plant Overview

Plant Overview

Manufacturing processes at our factory:

  • Automatic Assembly Lines

  • Injection Moulding 

  • Tool Room

  • Assembly

  • Hydraulic Presses for sheet metal

  • Screen & Pad printing

  • Vacuum forming

  • Heat Sealing

  • Ultra Sonic welding

  • High frequency welding

  • Weld Shop

  • Adhesive and pasting facility

  • PE blow film extrusion plant

  • Slitting and poly bag making machines

  • Trolley fabrication unit

Advantages of our factory location:

  • On a National highway

  • Access to numerous quality vendors in Gurgaon

  • Access to good logistics and warehouses

  • Availability of skilled labour

  • High skill level of Engineers due to Automotive OEM presence 

  • Availability of well qualified Technical and Non technical  managers trained under reputed OEM systems

  • Access to quality vendor base and ensuring a robust supply chain

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