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What We Do

The Dynamic team aims to create products for its customers that comply with the global quality compliances and serve their brands' product requirements.


Our team takes special care in ensuring that the product places itself in the desired market intended for it by our customer while maximising their return on investment. The Dynamic team is continuously working on providing its customers with value additions in new technology, safety, environment and comfort to ensure that the product provides more value to the everchanging requirement of the end consumer.



  • Understanding our customer brand

  • Product market placement

  • Technology input

  • Product design & styling

  • Industrial design development

    • Allows efficient mass manufacturing

    • Product reliability

    • Product compliance

Supply Chain


  • Sourcing of critical components from factories all over the world.

  • Managing Complete import supply chain and Logistics.

  • Annual Import Value: $4 Million.

  • Approximately Volume: 45 containers of capacity 40 ft HQ.

  • More than 35 Vendors Globally.

  • More than 75 vendors Pan India.

Mass Production


Manufacturing Infrastructure:

Total Land Covered Area-

  • 10926.5 Sq. meter

  • 6500 Sq. meter

Assembly Lines:

  • Multiple 100 meter long automatic assembly line’s, equipped with 40 stations equipped with foot pedals, pneumatic guns and plug points for instruments.

  • Dedicated Customer wise  and product wise Production lines and shop floors.

Injection Moulding:

  • More than 14 years of experience in injection moulding.

  • Using more than 30 grades of engineering materials.

  • All state of the art Ferromatik Milakron Machines.

  • Machine range 100 Ton to 1400 Ton.

  • SPM shop floors.

  • Based on customer specific fabrication and manufacturing requirements.

SPM Shop floor:

Dynamic provides complete manufacturing solutions for products that our customers require. This includes:

  • Designing and developing Special purpose machines.

  • Customised fabrication lines.

  • Quality testing laboratories based on reliability and compliance.

Global Distribution


Products being produced at Dynamic industries are supplied pan Indian and globally over 17 countries globally including (USA, EUROPE &  JAPAN). We at Dynamic have years of experience in quality and custom compliances of various countries.

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